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Make our lasers safer

Publish: 2023-12-20 10:48:39 Update: 2023-12-21 10:43:22 View: 84

The laser wavelength of the laser rangefinder is 905nm, which is an infrared laser product invisible to the human eye, which is not easily detected during the emission process, and the working scene is to emit laser radiation to the outside world, so it is necessary to meet the safety requirements of Class 1 laser eyes.

Many products on the market are unqualified, the laser energy is too large, and it is easy to cause damage to the human eye. In order to ensure the laser energy compliance of our products, we purchased a new optical power meter from the development stage, OPHIR's NOVA II, which allows us to accurately evaluate the laser energy value of each product during our product development and production stages.

So every one of our products you use is safe.