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Application of laser distance sensor

Publish: 2023-12-20 16:47:00 Update: 2023-12-21 10:43:39 View: 82

Laser ranging is more and more widely used in the industry, and it also brings convenience to our life.

Industrial automation field

Laser distance sensors can achieve accurate positioning and measurement in automated production lines, accelerating the improvement of production efficiency and saving costs.

Night vision, thermal imaging and laser distance sensor

Night vision thermal image gives us a sense of picture at the same time, with laser distance sensor, through the algorithm to make the picture better, but also intuitive display of the target distance to the user.

Drones, robots and laser distance sensor

The laser distance sensor is composed of the glasses of drones and robots. laser distance sensor can set the height of drones, avoid obstacles, and provide accurate shooting for drones.

There are many other areas where laser measurement technology is used, and hopefully they will help us bring a better life.