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LG2000 Distance Sensor

Product features:
 Measuring distance up to 2000m in outdoor sunlight;
 High and low temperature resistance -30~+50℃;
 compact size, length 49mm, diameter 25mm;
 Material: Metal
 UART TTL level output distance value of measured object, easy to use;
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1Laser transmit Lens Diameter /发射镜直径5.5mm
2Receive Lens Diameter /接收镜直径18.5mm
3Range Reflective Building (m) /最远测程2000
4Min Range (m) /最近测距5
5Measuring Accuracy (± m) ≤ 200m /精度±1
6Measuring Accuracy (± m) > 200m & <600m/精度±2
7Measuring Accuracy (± m) > 600m & <2000m/精度±0.4%
8Measuring resolution (± m) /最小测距解析度±0.1
9 Range acquisition time/测距时间0.3 ~ 0.8sec
10Transmission Mode/传输方式UART/TTL
11Power Supply/电源3.6-5V
12Stand-by Power Consumption/待机功耗200mw
13Operating Power Consumption/工作功耗500mw/750mw
14Weight (oz) /重量TBD
15Operating Temperature/工作温度(-30---+50)
16Storage Temperature/储存温度(-40---+60)
17Dimensions ( mm ) /产品尺寸TBD